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Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health!

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Lanthieri wines

Hand-picked grapes, ripened in the best locations in the Vipava valley, and special technology ensure a superb fresh and noble taste. Lanthieri wines are intended for gourmets who like fresher white and red wines, with a characteristic varietal aroma, an elegant and refined body and a noble character. The indigenous Zelen and Pineli, which are the trademarks of the Lanthieri line, are joined by a wide range of domestic and international premium wine varieties.

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Terase wines

Selected and hand-harvested grapes from special, sun-drenched terraced areas of the Vipava Valley form the basis of the Terase wine line. The Vipava terroir is reflected in wines with a refined taste, which mature for more than 12 months in wooden oak barrels. The special technology ensures that the wines preserve all the richness of the varieties and at the same time reflect the influence of the location where the grapes ripened. Ripe, structurally rich, yet elegant wines convince even the most demanding wine lovers.


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Sparkling wine

They say that sparkling wines are for special moments, solemn ceremonies or for intimate closeness. Every day we can capture our special moment. A moment for sparkling bubbly joys. Each sparkling wine has its own special and noble story, which enriches even the most special moments. 

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